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JWU Internships: Sports/Entertainment/Events Management

Each year, more than 4,200 students gain industry experience at 1,900+ internship sites worldwide.

At JWU, we’re dedicated to building careers. Unlike other universities, our approach is designed to help you identify a field of interest and acquire the knowledge, hands-on experience, internships and network to excel in that field.

Take advantage of our career education, both inside and outside the classroom, and develop the skills to compete in the global economy.

Career Services is always willing to help. Tons of resources. Amazing staff, amazing advice!

Get career-ready at JWU’s on-campus career fairs.

Get career-ready at JWU’s on-campus career fairs.

Career Services has a variety of resources to help you become career-ready, including:

  • Career Fairs + Networking Events: Network at 1,500+ employer visits each year, including career fairs, events geared to your major and 2,600+ on-campus interviews.
  • JWU Jobs Database: Get exclusive access to apply for jobs with leading employers, who post thousands of jobs and internships just for JWU students.
  • Tutorials + Workshops: Start building a resume that grabs potential employers, along with professional interview and career skills with our career experts and in our targeted workshops.
  • Advice from Industry-Tested Faculty: Develop an insider’s understanding of your industry, and learn what skills employers in your field look for. Our industry-experienced faculty weave their valuable insight right into our career-focused curriculum.

Contact our Experiential Education & Career Services teams in Providence, North Miami, Denver and Charlotte.

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At Facebook, MTV, Heinz, CBS, Disney, MLB, Congress, NASCAR, Heineken, Marriott and 1,600+ sites worldwide, JWU students build hands-on work experience for credit.

JWU Students: We like your work ethic, we like your excitement about the business, we like your commit-

Bill Marriott, Marriott International